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Pioneer Awards

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Recognition Luncheon with Pioneer Awards

The SPE IOR Pioneer Award is presented to selected individuals who have made significant advancements over the years in improved oil recovery technology. This award has been presented to 76 individuals since its inauguration in 1984. The major requirements for achieving the award are: (1) early and long-term involvement in the development and/or application of IOR technology, (2) industry recognition in the field, (3) a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers during the IOR activity, and (4) the ability to be present at the IOR Conference to receive the award in person. The award is typically presented to 3-5 individuals at each of the IOR conferences.

IOR Pioneer Award Committee

Lance Cole, General Chair
Farouq Ali, Heavy Oil Industries
Don Green, University of Kansas
Kishore Mohanty, University of Texas
Gordon Moore, University of Calgary
Randy Seright, PRRC
David Zornes, Consultant

Past IOR Pioneers


Richard Donald Hutchins
Sadanand D. Joshi
Jenn-Tai Liang
Lanny Schoeling
Ali A. Yousef


Dr. Betty Felber
Dr. S.A. (Raj) Mehta
Dr. Karl Miller
Dr. Ahmad Moradi
Dr. Norman R. Morrow


Chun Huh
Brij Maini
Malcom Pitts
Bill Rossen


Jeff Jones
Dr. R. Gordon Moore
Demin Wang
David Zornes


Dr. Dwight L. Dauben
Dr. Kishore K. Mohanty
Dr. Randall Scott Seright
Dr. Kenneth S. Sorbie
Dr. Michael R. Todd


Jae H. Bae
Don W. Green
Hossein Kazemi
Franklin M. Orr
Gary A. Pope


Phillip J. Closmann

Harry Surkalo

G. Paul Willhite


Howard Ferrell

S.M. Farouq Ali

W.L. “Bill” Martin

George L. Stegemeier
W.C. “Carey” Hardy


Bob Barnett

Larry W. Lake

Richard “Dick” Nelson

Burton “Burt” B. Sandiford 


William E. Brigham

C. Robert Fast

George J. Hirasaki

Thomas K. Perkins 


Robert S. Schechter

Lowell R. Smith

Ben Sloat

Fred J. Stalkup 


J.C. Melrose

Necmettin Mungan 


Ted R. Blevins

R.C. Earlougher

Henry J. Ramey Jr.

Arlie M. Skov 


W. Barney Gogarty

John P. Heller

Joseph J. Taber 


E.R. Brownscombe

Elmond L. Claridge

H.R. Froning

R.L. Reed 


Robert J. Blackwell

Ben H. Caudle

Lincoln F. Elkins

Claude R. Hocott

Michael Prats 


Francis R. Conley

Lloyd E. Elkins

Ted M. Geffen

L.W. Holm

Howard A. Koch Jr.

Fred H. Poettmann

R. Vincent Smith

P.L. Terwilliger

L.W. Welch Jr.

Philip D. White